Lorne Michaels Says Conan Will Continue to Succeed

Mar 3, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Speaking at an event in New York City with "Saturday Night Live" head writer Seth Meyers, "SNL" executive producer and creator Lorne Michaels said Conan O’Brien will bounce right back from his messy departure from NBC, the Hollywood Reporter says. 

Michaels said O’Brien struggled early in his career with "Late Night," which he also executive produced, but succeeded nonetheless. Michaels added that O’Brien will do it again. 

Michaels also talked about "SNL," saying that he doesn’t see retirement in his immediate future, but believes that "SNL" will be the last variety show of its type, as networks wouldn’t want to greenlight a new one nowadays. 


  1. Conan will never have the level of success that Jay Leno, or, [to a lesser extent], that David Lettermen have. Number one, he is just not as funny, and number two, he has a very disturbing look about him. And all of them will never reach the level of success that Johnny Carson enjoyed. He was just the absolute best!!!!

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