NBC Star Richard Belzer Accused of Attacking Apple Store Employee

Mar 11, 2010  •  Post A Comment

"Law and Order: SVU" star Richard Belzer had an incident in a New York City Apple Store yesterday that has resulted in an employee filing a complaint and accusing him of harrassment, reports the New York Daily News.

Milan Agnew, a 21-year-old Apple employee, claimed that Belzer screamed for help and shook and choked her. When the police arrived, Belzer explained that he had been joking.

The cops allowed him to walk away after taking down his version of what happened.


  1. “The cops allowed him to walk away after taking down his version of what happened.”
    Yeah, Letting him walk away is what the New York cops always do with somebody who’s been accused of attacking a woman, especially if he’s a tv star whose job is pretending to be a New York cop.
    Belzer will get away with it now, but he’ll always be the overprivileged asshole with hissy fits of girlish rage and a permanent This Is New York So Go Ahead And Choke Any Woman You Want To license.

  2. Sounds like we need Hulk Hogan to put him in another choke hold / sleeper hold. Those were the days.

  3. This item links to a very one-sided version of this story that leaves out a crucial fact: the police FIRST REVIEWED THE STORE’S SECURITY VIDEO which, they stated, CLEARLY SHOWS that the clerk’s accusations are false.
    Other versions of the NY Daily News story also quote eyewitnesses who support Belzer’s version of the incident.
    While I agree that celebrities often get special treatment this does not appear to be the case here.

  4. you dont touch anyone . woman and strangers. thats what excuse me is for. (i’m going to say something/ i may have to touch you to getby.

  5. I agree with Reggie. I don’t think Belzer meant any harm, but it’s better to play safe with people of either gender.

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