Olbermann Criticized for Likening First Amendment Lawyer to Nazi Collaborator

Mar 11, 2010  •  Post A Comment

MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann is being taken to task for likening one of the country’s top First Amendment lawyers to a Nazi collaborator, B&C reports.

The First Amendment Advisory Council of the Washington-based Media Institute called on Olbermann to apologize to lawyer Floyd Abrams, who is Jewish.

Olbermann on Jan. 21 criticized Abrams’ stand on the recent Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to spend more on campaign ads, and made the analogy. The Council called it “vile” and “beyond comprehension.”

MSNBC had no immediate comment, B&C said.


  1. Yeah! Doesn’t everybody know that only the teabaggers get to use Nazi references and only if they’re completely unsuited and ridiculous?
    It seems to me that “if the Swastika fits, wear it” is appropriate to the Supreme Court’s decision. Allowing the corporations to take over from what used to be a democracy of “we the people” not “we the corporatist fascists” deserves to have a little Hitler moustache painted all over it.

  2. Let’s face it Olbermann is an idiot and not worthy of being on TV!

  3. Montana,
    I couldn’t agree more…
    Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!
    Your friend,

  4. Give me a break! Olbermann called Abrams a “Quisling” for having argued in favor of the corporate takeover of “representative government” by arguing in favor of Citizens United, which decision allowed unlimited corporate resources to be used to support or defeat candidates and ballot issues. If anything, Olbermann’s epithet, which likely went over most viewers’ heads (even though MSNBC’s viewers are likely more historically knowledgeable than, say, Fox’s), wasn’t strong enough—as I’m sure we’ll see at least by the 2012 elections.

  5. Olbermann was right on target with his comments. When a corporation can be drafted, sent to war and die for the country, then it should have a right to spend what ever it wants in the electorial process, but until that time it is not a person, it is an entity and it can’t serve, it can’t be brought up on charges, it can’t be sent to jail. In otherwords, except in a Fascist society, it simply is not qualified to participate in our electorial process. And the 5 supreme court justices that voted in favor of it can all go to hell.

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