Palin Pitching Reality Show in Hollywood

Mar 4, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Former VP candidate Sarah Palin was doing more in L.A. than just appearing on “The Tonight Show” and taking her kids to see “American Idol,” EW reports.

The former Alaska governor and reality show producer Mark Burnett were also making the rounds to pitch a docudrama series about Alaska, EW says, citing sources. The series, which was described as having the same look as “Planet Earth,” was pitched to Fox reality head Mike Darnell; the two also had meetings at ABC and CBS and are meeting with NBC’s Jeff Gaspin today

TheWrap reports that ABC has already decided to pass.


  1. In this reality show – she melts all the snow off the tundra using a giant oil-fueled laser! Go-o-o-olly, that’s what I call fun, you know!?

  2. Please put us all out of her misery and let an avalanche fall on her. Can you say ‘Media Whore’, sure you can! One can think that she’s been on the casting couch of the FOX News Chief – nobody as brain-dead as she is can get as many breaks as she has without having done a lot of favors…Reality series with Sara Palin…I guess one can say it would be a real ratings killer.

  3. I have the perfect studio for the quitter Governor. It has a camera and a microphone and a chair. The cables leading from the camera and microphone go to no where and the studio door is locked from the outside. Oh, and one more thing…It’s SOUND PROOF!
    Peter Bright

  4. Obviously she has more brains than the 3 previous commentors. You’re just in denial that any conservative can have out think a liberal and you think Pelosi, Obama’s lap dog, is an example of intelligence. I’d put those together and see who came out on top. It would be Sarah. You liberals think you’re the only people who know best. I guess that’s why you are where you are and she’s where she is. By the way I like Sarah and we’re taking back the country this year and 2012. You can crawl back into your sniveling hole.

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