Report: Pressure Being Applied to Fox Affiliates to Make Room for Conan

Mar 18, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Despite conflicting reports about the negotiations occurring between Fox and Conan O’Brien, TMZ reports that Fox executives have been "applying pressure" on affiliates to put a Conan show on between 11 p.m. and midnight. 

Some Fox affiliates are saying that a deal is "imminent," but reports from Conan’s representation and Fox network executives say the two sides are just "seriously talking." 

Fox affiliates have been somewhat resistant to a Conan show being dropped on their late-night schedules, as syndicated content like "The Office" draws more cash for the station than a network-provided late-night talker.  

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  1. Oh, good. This is going to be fun to watch…FOX Century City EGOS vs FOX affiliates…stay tuned…the gloves WILL come off.
    Peter Bright

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