Roger Ailes Meets With Fox Newsers, Attempts to Quell Grumbling About Glenn Beck

Mar 18, 2010  •  Post A Comment

In an impromptu meeting with staff workers at Fox News in D.C., Fox News chief Roger Ailes
asked D.C. bureau employees to act like a family and stick together, forcefully urging them all to back off criticism of anyone connected with the network, reports TVNewser.

Ailes addressed the story from Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz that said anonymous sources had told him that Fox staffers were upset about Glenn Beck becoming the face of Fox News. The story’s source was believed to have come from the Washington bureau. 

Ailes reportedly told his employees that, "Glenn Beck does his show and that’s his opinion. It’s not the opinion of Fox News and he has a right to say it. We prefer people in the tent not dumping on other people in the tent."

"I was brought up to defend the family," Ailes added, according to TVNewser. "If I couldn’t defend the family I’d leave. I’d go to another family."


  1. “Becoming the face of Fox News.” Isn’t that why they hired him? They’re a perfect match.

  2. And what a dysfunctional familiy it is.

  3. Ailes’s “Family” is, like him, highly dysfunctional…making a lot of money does NOT make you kosher, or anything close to it..facacta would be one of the descriptive words…Roger’s pep talks are very effective, I remember…he could turn anything around in a sentence or two. The problem here is that his FOX cadre are reprehensible, most especially the afore mentioned Mr. Beck. Roger, it’s time to retire…NOW.
    Peter Bright

  4. Glen Beck is a perfect example of the type of people that now predominate in the conservative movement…shrill nutjobs who see socialists under every bed. All of us regular conservatives have been thrust to the back of the bus because we do not foam at the mouth enough. Heaven help us if these people ever get into any real political power…it will be just like the fall of Rome.

  5. glennbeckisthemosthonestpersonyouhaveatfox andhereallyknowshishistory

  6. I agree with your thoughts here and I really love your blog! I’ve bookmarked it so that I can come back & read more in the future.

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