Scripps Wants to Reinvent Local TV News

Mar 23, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Scripps, which owns such venerable TV stations as WXYZ in Detroit and WMAR in Baltimore as well as seven other stations, wants to reinvent local TV news, TVNewsCheck reports.

Scripps President and CEO, Rich Boehne, says in the report, "We’re also just spending a lot of time looking at local TV news and just saying that right now it suffers from a plague of sameness. How do you break from that pack? How do you broaden the audience? How do you sort of reimagine and reinvent and think again about what local news should look like?"

TVNewsCheck’s Harry Jessell then asks if the Scripps TV stations will experiment with some new ideas in their TV newscasts. Boehne responds, that they will. "What those look like and what markets we do them in and what time slots they air, we haven’t determined yet, but I think you definitely should expect to see some experimentation out of us.

"When I talked to our people, I say I wake up in a hotel room a 125 mornings a year and I turn on local news and I don’t know where I am. It all looks the same and if you change the channel it looks the same four times over. To us, that just says that there’s got to be a fabulous opportunity in here, again, to reimagine what the local news needs to look like."


  1. What I would like to see is a hard news show with a sense of intellect that goes beyond the usual snippets. Treat an audience as being more educated – after all, are we not the people who can afford to buy the products that are advertised. Not into junk tv. By the way, Scripp’s station WEWS TV 5 has always done a great job in news – from the days of John Hambrick forward…of ‘course I hung around in those beginning days. Ed Cervanek was a great station manager. So, salute to WEWS TV 5 in Cleveland, Ohio!-)

  2. TV News went down the sewer when they “broadened” their audience by saying ” Good Evening EVERYONE” instead of “A good evening to YOU” TV has always been a personal medium and they made it impersonal. No matteer how many people ars sitting there looking at television it should always be a one on one affair. Stations should go back to being personal! It would make one hell ofd\ a difference!

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