‘Desperate Housewives’ Star Teri Hatcher, Disney, Lauching Web Site Targeted to ‘Chicks’

Mar 29, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Teri Hatcher, one of the stars of "Desperate Housewives," is partnering with Disney to lauch a Web site targeted to "chicks," The Hollywood Reporter reports.

According to the article, "Nicknamed ‘a chick’s guide to life,’ the site is produced by Disney Family.com, with creative and editorial insight from Hatcher and a small team of contributors.

The free, ad-supported site, which can be found at gethatched.com, right now is just a tease site…It’s expected fo formally lauch later this spring.


  1. You guys REALLY need to do some proof reading or use a splell checker. Do you realize how unprofessional it looks to spell the same word wrong 3 TIMES! in a headline and article that are just 4 sentences long?

  2. I agree Mikey… who is asleep at the wheel that no one caught LAUNCH misspelled?? Isn’t spell check a part of any word and blog program. sheesh!!

  3. Mikey, you need to learn how to ‘splell’

  4. Hmm…would you believe we were using a keyboard without am “n” letter this mormimg? Or maybe that it stuck sometimes? Time to replace spellcheck? OK,OK, we totally blew this and we won’t be entering this item in any contests…

    Chuck Ross
  5. It’s about time Disney ‘lauched’ a Web sit ‘tageted’ to chicks!

  6. OOPS!! Pretty bad to misspell “spell” in a vent about spelling! My bad. 🙂

  7. When were you using this keyboard…
    “This mormimg?” (sic)

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