Unsealed Documents Reveal Mudslinging in Viacom/YouTube Case

Mar 18, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Documents unsealed today in the three-year $1 billion copyright suit between Viacom, Google and YouTube revealed some nasty mudslinging between the companies, CNET reports. 

Viacom filed suit against YouTube and its owner Google in 2007, claiming that both companies were encouraging users to post copyrighted material on the video site. 

However, according to the documents, Viacom took a distinct interest in purchasing YouTube before it was bought by Google in 2006, fueling speculation that this suit may be in retaliation for being outbid by Google. 

The documents also reveal emails between YouTube founders, which Viacom said proves that the intent of YouTube was to pirate copyrighted material, then sell the platform. Google countered, saying Viacom has taken the emails out of context. 

Google also said Viacom’s attitude towards YouTube was hypocritical, as the media giant pushes to block certain clips that are uploaded, but moves to study viewing habits on other copyrighted clips. 

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