John Wells (‘ER,’ ‘Southland’), Who is the Current WGA West President, Warns Senate Committee That Comcast-NBCU Would Create A Media ‘Superpower’ That Could Dominate TV

Mar 11, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Speaking to the Senate Commerce Committee today, Writers Guild of America West President John Wells pushed for further oversight of the Comcast/NBC merger, TheWrap reports.

Wells said without safeguards, the merger puts too much power into Comcast’s hands, giving the company the ability to limit viewer access to free television programs on the Internet and raise cable prices. He said the deal would create a media "superpower." 

Wells pushed the Committee to impose regulations that would require 25% of programming on Comcast and NBC to be independent programming and make net neutrality promises. 


  1. I just hope that Mr. Wells said it strong enough, for it would be a fire breathing dragon of a media force.
    It should be knocked down and out of possibility. The two can be dangerous enough as they are now as separate major entities.
    Peter Bright

  2. Does anyone really believe that GE is not going to get a free pass here? CEO Jeffrey Immelt is one of Obama’s financial advisors.

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