All Public Tweets Will be Archived by Library of Congress, Searched by Google

Apr 15, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The United States Library of Congress will archive all public Tweets since Twitter started in March, 2006, it was announced today. Separately, Google said it will search that archive. Both announcements were covered by various media, including Wired.

According to the article, "The Library of Congress’s blogger Matt Raymond says there’s research gold to be found in the archive:  I’m no Ph.D. but it boggles my mind to think what we might be able to learn about ourselves and the world around us from this wealth of data. And I’m certain we’ll learn things that none of us now can even possibly conceive.”

The article adds, "For its part, Google thinks you shouldn’t have to wait to start doing sociological and anthropological research into the Twitter archive — so it’s turning on a feature that lets you choose a point in time and start to ‘replay’ the short-form messages from that point on. Google’s search combines Twitter updates with those from MySpace, Facebook and its own fledgling micro-publishing service Buzz."

Google search of Tweets will be limited at first, but it will eventually go back to March 2006 as well.


  1. People, WAKE UP…Do you Really
    trust people say on these site’s ?
    I For DO NOT CONSENT to make a Record
    for some computer guy in the future
    to read what I posted ..
    Can you imgine your own silly-ness being
    stored in the library of congress, only tobe released some 50 year’s later ??

  2. @Roland — you did consent to it, or you would have been protecting your tweets, at the very least.

  3. An incredible waste of taxpayer dollars to manage something like this. No wonder the public has no respect for the government anymore. Everyone who complains on here about the tea party now can understand where their frustration comes from.

  4. Love all the opinions expressed here! How is everyone? Love how everyone expresses whatr they feel 🙂

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