Can You Guess Who the NY Times Says Fox News’ No. 1 Enemy Is? (No, It’s Not Obama).

Apr 26, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Fox News Channel has a new No. 1 enemy, and it’s not President Obama.

According to the New York Times, it’s Jon Stewart.

Says the article, "Last week that comedian did something that the hosts of ‘Fox & Friends,’ the morning show on Fox News, did not do: he had his staff members call the White House and ask a question."

It was about logo for the recent nuclear arms summit. The logo was crescent-shaped, and, the article said, " ‘Fox & Friends’ had repeatedly asked" if the logo "was an ‘Islamic image,’ one selected by President Obama in his outreach to the Muslim world. The White House told ‘The Daily Show’ that the logo was actually based on the Rutherford-Bohr model of the atom."

The article also notes that Fox commentator Bill O’Reilly has "called Mr. Stewart a ‘devoted critic’ of Fox News and said ‘his influence is growing.’"

The Times article says Fox News declined comment.


  1. In the fight against Muslim extremist threats, Fox News Channel will enlighten itself and back off its criticism of the left. The ACLU will also enlighten itself and come further to the right. We in the media will preserve our right to express noise making opinions for ratings, but not at the expense of the lives of “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. This is a war to preserve the American way. Terrorists cannot turn our freedom of press into a media weapon of mass destruction.

  2. Of course Jon Stewart is Fox “I refuse to call it” News’ worst enemy. He uses facts to make his point! Then again, anyone who lets facts get in the way of a good prejudice is an enemy of Fox!
    That Daily Show piece was brilliant by the way.

  3. You might want to rephrase that headline. According to the lede of the Times piece: “Fox News Channel is Jon Stewart’s new enemy No. 1.”
    So, it’s _not_ that Fox News has a new enemy — it’s that Jon Stewart’s new #1 enemy is Fox News. Which is part of his schtick.

  4. Even more surprising, both Keith Olbermann on the left and Hannity on the right used the same Limbaugh rant and rage against our Commander in Chief in time of war to “prove” their points. Olbermann used the rant to show how stupid Limbaugh looks, and Hannity showed the same rant to show how smart and incisive Limbaugh looks. Yes, as TV execs know, viewpoints of the receiver do count. Keith Warn

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