CBS Announcer Jim Nantz Blasts Tiger For His Behavior at The Masters

Apr 14, 2010  •  Post A Comment

CBS’ veteran announcer Jim Nantz, in a radio appearance on WFAN in New York City, took Tiger Woods to task for the bad language he continued to use while playing the Masters golf tournament, Golf Fanhouse reports.

Nantz said he’d be "fired" if he used the expletives Tiger uses. Nantz said he was particularly disappointed in Woods since the golfer had publicly said he’d restrain himself from such remarks moving forward.

Said Nantz, according to the article, "Guess what? Phil Mickelson had a camera in his face all weekend. Did you ever hear him come close to approaching that? He didn’t hit every shot exactly the way he wanted. Have you ever heard Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus use that kind of language?"

Furthermore, Nantz said, "I can’t say anything I want when I’m on a live broadcast. Tiger’s not the only guy who’s got a camera in his face all day long. But he is the only one in the field who said he wasn’t going to do that any more."

Nantz continued, "Moreover, how about the father and son who are standing right there by the tee? How about the hundreds of people who are around that tee who hear that? How about the hundreds of letters I’ve gotten through the years from people who have been outraged at the language they’ve heard there and have written me and said, ‘Why don’t you guys ever say something about that?’ "



  1. Woods somewhere along the way has turned into a self-centered, I don’t give-a-damn, I’m above everyone golfer. He is NO LONGER A PROFESSIONAL Golfer. He’s just a dirty mouthed prick who can play the game and shoot low scores. There is a difference between the two. The reputation he appears to want to have is that of a bad boy. Well, I think he has succeeded. He’s not going to change people. That’s is who he really is.

  2. Tiger, like a number of professional athletes has been pampered since an early age. They have been told they are above the crowd. Since High School, and in Tiger’s case earlier, they have been on a scholarship to life. Everything they could imagine has been laid at their feet or bed. It’s no wonder Tiger is what he is. I don’t condone it, but I am not surprised.

  3. Jim Nance should close his mouth and report the friggin golf. Good God, holier than though.
    Nobody cares about your opinion, Jimmy.
    I’m glad you’ve never done anything wrong. What a guy.

  4. Since when Jim Nantz became a member of the Parents Television Council?

  5. Jim Nantz needs to take his tampon out.

  6. Hit the road Tiger. He’s pissed that his wife is leaving him.

  7. It’s called being competitive!! getting mad at himself shows how competitive the man really is.
    Granted he is a profesional but c’mon this past weekend was nothing like the past.
    Can we stop looking at athletes/actors with a microscope!!

  8. Nantz needs to stick to reporting on the golf. I should send him a recording that I have of the Masters from a few years ago where Nantz’s buddy Fred Couples is caught on tape referring to a tee shot on 16 with “Oh sh*t”. Would Nantz have the same response to Freddie? What an idiot. You’re paid to describe the golf action not try to get publicity by jumping on the Tiger bashing band wagon.

  9. Good for Jim who speaks for millions who perform daily tasks under guidelines acceptable to the general public.Just because your acddled & spoiled millionaire it doesn’t give you the right to throw clubs & curse on the course ask Jack,Tom,Arnie or Gary their opinion and they agree with Jim.Too bad their isn’t a penaly or discipline by the PGA.

  10. I had little doubt that Tiger would be able to change. I would not be surprised to see all his old demons released anew over time. He is a spoiled, self-centered guy with some talent. He will never compare favorably with Arnie, Jack, Bobbie Jones or other popular titans of the game. Jack was driven to win and showed little personality in doing so (especially in his earlier years). Arnie was known to chase a skirt or two. Bobbie Jones had a feirce temper and fought to control it and expletives all his life. The difference was that they hadled their talents and careers like gentlemen. They did not set themselves up as somehow above the scrutiny of the public or press. They had enough humility to be human in our minds. The way Tiger orchestrated the whole network of bimbos and coverups shows that he is not a guy who made a mistake or even a few. He set up a network of staff to proactively allow him to live a bizarre life and expected all of us to just turn the other way. He is in no way worthy of fans’ respect and certainly has lost the right to ever be a role model for our children. I don’t understand how anyone can remain a fan of his!

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