Entire Run of Series that Was a Critical and Cult Favorite–Which Originally Ran on HBO–Will Air on DirecTV

Apr 12, 2010  •  Post A Comment

It’s a coup for those who are in love with great dramatic TV: DirecTV’s Channel 101, has snapped up the off-premium cable rights to one of the most acclaimed TV shows ever.

It’s the Peabody Award-winning series about the tumultuous times in and around the streets of Baltimore: "The Wire.

DirecTV’s 101 Network will present the show, commencing July 18, 2010, uncut, commercial free and — for the first time ever — in HD. All five seasons, 60 episodes, were snatched up by DirecTV.

It’s the same channel that partnered with NBC to allow "Friday Night Lights" to extend its TV life.


  1. I love the 101. The only trouble is, if you never watched a particular show, when it came out, you watch along, and then it suddenly ends. The Nine, Dead Wood, Triler Park boys, etc. They just ended, leaving you w/no idea of, oh I don’t know, anything. Just like Pushing Daisies, it just ended. The one that makes my wife and I the most upset was Veronica Mars!

  2. Oh, I forgot the other one. That really good space one w/Ron Livingston. It just stopped after we got interested. These companies complain about money, and, well money, and they never give a show a chance to establish itself. I wish 1/2 of them would go under. The same for some of the Movie studios, and music companies.

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