Forget Google: How Facebook Will Dominate the World (The Online World, Anyway)

Apr 22, 2010  •  Post A Comment

"Simply put, Facebook is positioning itself to become deeply embedded in almost every single website. And the way it’s structuring this platform, it places Facebook itself at the center of Web more than ever."

That’s the word from Chris O’Brien at SiliconBeat.com. O’Brien wrote yesterday, April 21, "After spending the morning at f8, the Facebook developers conference, I’m convinced more than ever that Facebook is about to take over the whole Web. And by the whole Web, I mean, well, all of it."

Currently, Facebook has 400 million users. Thus at the conference Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg said that if you’re building a website the changes are that most of your users are on Facebook.

O’Brien said what’s going to start happening is that "When sites implement Facebook’s “open social graph API,” you will visit a site like CNN.com and see what all your friends “liked” there and you’ll be able to “like” an article as well — without even signing in."

Furthermore, O’Brien said he’ll "be able to go to CNN.com and see a stream of my friends’ activity there, again, without even logging on. It creates what Zuckerberg called an ‘instantly social’ experience everywhere you go."

O’Brien’s conclusioin: "But it’s clear to me that Facebook is on a path to making itself the most essential element of the Web. Sitting here, it’s hard to see how Google, or anyone else, slows down this march toward world wide Web domination." 

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  1. It is very impressive technology, but will people really want that level of intrusion into their private lives. More and more people are limiting the amount of people with access to their Facebook site and the info they put there because they discovered that there are limits to how open they want their lives. Do I really want everyone to know what stories I read on CNN and other websites?

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