Fox News Pulls News Commentator From Tea Party Event

Apr 16, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Fox News executives forced network anchor host and commentator Sean Hannity to cancel a taping of his show at a Cincinnati-based Tea Party event Thursday after it was found out that event organizers were billing Hannity as a centerpiece of the event and charging admission to the taping, the Los Angeles Times reports.  

Event organizers were to use the ticket funds for future events, while Hannity’s own Web site pointed users towards links to purchase tickets. However, Fox News officials weren’t aware of this, and brought Hannity back to his New York studio for Thursday’s show. 

“Fox News never agreed to allow the Cincinnati Tea Party organizers to use Sean Hannity’s television program to profit from broadcasting his show from the event," said Bill Shine, Fox News executive vice president of programming.

The network plans to do an investigation to figure out the incident.  


  1. Investigation for what?? FOX NEWS is the offical mouthpiece for the Tea Party and the GOP. Hannity has been spooning with the baggers since the first hint of this “grassroots” arm of the Koch Industries GOP.
    Wonder why they decided now to create an arm’s length perception. You can’t seperate the baby from it’s mouth at this point.

  2. FOX News had not been included in percentage of ticket sales and Murdoch pulled plug. Pay to play, baby!

  3. Hey TVGuy,
    Why all the hate? You need to chill.
    Tell your Mom you’re going out for a while, leave the basement and go get some ice cream.
    The country’s gonna look alot different in November.

  4. Joe hit it right on the head! If someone is going to pay, then the big boys will let you play. If they’re not included they are shutting it down.
    I’m impressed that FOX brought him back as well they should… I support the movement by all means but come on… at least let the mom and dad know what you’re doing.

  5. Good response CableGuy. Tsk tsk, TVGuy,it must be very irritating to have FOX not going with the flow of the other news networks.

  6. You TP folks say you’re going to “take the country back.” I’m sorry to inform you, but it isn’t yours – it belongs to me and a lot of other people – and we’re keeping it.

  7. The Tea Party folks just have no idea that big business is really supporting them. How funny. One requirement to be a member of the tea party is to not take Social Security beyond what you paid in, and no Medicare. And please, tea baggers, don’t use my public park since you don’t want to pay for it. Come November nobody will even remember who these kooks were.

  8. As opposed to the “take back the country” rallies held during the Bush Presidency.

  9. “not take Social Security beyond what you paid in”.
    I’ll gladly take back wat they stole from me… no intrest… just give me what they stole over the years.
    Looking forward to September.

  10. Your pal Hannity is a sock puppet for the increasingly desperate and pathetic
    hard right talking points that his staff
    spends many hours sorting and transcribing into bite size pieces. His audience requires only the following
    message repeated over and over–
    WHATEVER BARAK OBAMA DOES–IT’S GONNA BE WRONG. Nuance and the complexity of the issues do not matter a lick. YOU WANT “YOUR” COUNTRY BACK ????!! Take it.
    I dare you. Lawd Ghod knows you and “YOUR” people cannot allow a damn jig to be in charge. You may now return to
    your intensive study of history and economics. Sorry to interrupt.

  11. Interesting that TVWeek refers to Hannity as a “News Anchor.”

  12. Hi jsm1963…We did say that and then in the body of the story we referred to Hannity as a “network anchor.” But that’s not right either. So in the item above we have changed our description to “commentator’ in the headline and “host and commentator,” in the body of the story itself, which I think is very clear. Appreciate you pointing it out.

    Chuck Ross

  14. The guy was just being honest and depicting what Their Tea Party is all about. Violence and fear mongering. Let him tell the truth !

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