Oprah Says She’ll Never Take a Paternity Test

Apr 21, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Oprah Winfrey told the New York Post she’ll never take a paternity test, when asked if she’d submit to DNA testing to learn the identity of her biological father.

 As earlier reported, an 84-year-old World War II veteran named Norh Robinson is claiming he’s Oprah Winfrey’s father and wants her to submit to a paternity test to prove his claim.

"I will not be taking a paternity test, ever!" Winfrey told the Post. "I’ve never heard of him. I know who is claiming to be my real father." Winfrey, who was accosted by the Post outside a Manhattan hotel, then said "Get out of my face!" and jumped into an SUV, the article says.


  1. Too bad; another bad example to the sturggling minorities in this country. When one of them makes it, they often turn away from their roots. The paternity test situation parallels Obama’s refusal to admit or prove who he is.
    A pox on both of them.

  2. Hey Red…
    It is better to post nothing and be thought of as an idiot, than to post your sh*t and be proven one!

  3. Too true, Dr. Quest, too true.

  4. Oh Red,
    If i wasn’t about to call you a stupid racist, I’d ask if your middle name is ‘Neck’. However the point is that Oprah’s race and Obama’s birth certificate have only one thing in common, THEY’RE IRRELEVENT. (that means they don’t mean anything). Scammers come in all colors, shapes, sizes, religions & political parties. You might even find one when you’re watching Glenn Beck later.

  5. Don’t listen to them Red! You are RIGHT ON with the Obama comment! Usually, where there is smoke, there is fire . . .

  6. Red Blanchard: Obama proved two things. He’s already proved that he’s an American, and in so doing proves that you are a liar. Your posting of such a lie, on the other hand, proves only that you’re a dimwit, unable and/or unwilling to think for yourself. Now go back into the bathroom and get hold of yourself and think of Sarah…
    And to Woodyboy: “Usually, where there is smoke, there is fire….” Brilliant. Your post reveals a mentality that….naw, this is just too easy.

  7. dear Red and Woody, (or may I call you ‘redwood’ for the material your brains are obviously made up of?)
    A couple of questions:
    How do you think Obama fooled all the people in government- liberal and conservative, all his competitors for the nominations- Democratic and Republican, all the news media- except Fox, and they don’t really qualify as news or media, to get on multiple ballots and get elected?
    Do you think the tens of millions of American citizens who voted for him, thousands of organizations and institutions that endorsed him and the Hawaiian newspaper that announced his birth within a week after he was born were all in on it?
    If you can explain how he fooled all those people and institutions and got elected, then you two are smarter than all of us. And I submit that, if you ARE right and he DID do all that, that he’s the smartest guy on the planet and that alone should qualify him to be President.
    Have a nice day (that’s when the sun is out)
    ps: Redwood, be careful around that “smokey/firey thingy” especially near your head..

  8. If Oprah doesn’t care why should anyone else.

  9. So we won’t see Oprah on “Maury”?

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