Poll: Most New Yorkers Hate Backseat TVs in Taxis

Apr 28, 2010  •  Post A Comment

More than half of Manhattan residents can’t stand the backseat televisions in New York City’s taxicabs, the New York Post reports, citing a Marist poll. 

Forty-two percent of Manhattanites shut off the small TV screens, the highest percentage among the residents of the city’s various boroughs. Citywide, about 29% of passengers turn off the Taxi TV programming, which starts whenever a new rider steps into a cab. That’s despite the fact that a large portion of riders say they don’t like the backseat TV service: about 45% of those polled said they found the TVs annoying.


  1. It really isn’t the TV it is the programming. It is so poorly done that no one could watch it. Plus the loop it is on repeats the same thing over so quickly that you see the same program almost continually.

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