Report: No Charlie Sheen Equals No ‘Two and a Half Men’

Apr 23, 2010  •  Post A Comment

 As Charlie Sheen’s fate on "Two and a Half Men" is still unknown, executives at Warner Bros. aren’t looking at a failsafe solution if the star doesn’t come back, Radar Online reports. 

According to Radar, a WB executive said "Men" would conclude if Sheen doesn’t return. Without Sheen, the source said, there is no show. 

Another Sheen sources says he’s looking to move back into movies, something a "Men" schedule wouldn’t allow for, Radar reports. 

CBS is announcing its fall schedule on May 17, giving WB and Sheen a few more weeks to decide the show’s fate. 


  1. Two & 1/2 Men is a classic sitcom, very well written and acted by all the stars involved. Personally, I’d like to see it stay on the air with Sheen a few more years – however, seven seasons is a really great run in anybody’s book. I can understand Sheen wanting to get back into motion pictures – and will enjoy watching him on the big screen. I also think his co-stars are primed to be in films as well. Sure, its going to be a hole to fill on the CBS schedule – but they’ll manage all the same. Good Luck to you Charlie, and Good Luck to your co-stars as well…we in the audience are going to miss you…but then there’s always syndication.

  2. The show just wouldn’t be the same without Charlie Sheen so I’m glad to hear that they won’t try to replace him. As sad as I will be to see the show go off the air, I just couldn’t see myself watching it if it went on without Charlie. Here’s hoping they can reach a deal that works for everyone and keep it on the air for another year or two!

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