Revenue From DVD Rentals Drop, Furthering Home Entertainment Woes

Apr 16, 2010  •  Post A Comment

U.S. DVD rental revenue dropped 14% in this year’s first quarter from last year’s, adding another worry to a rocky home entertainment business, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The Digital Entertainment Group, which furnishes the statistics, didn’t provide revenue amounts for this first quarter. 

The DEG places the decline in rentals on the closure of multiple stores owned by Blockbuster and Movie Gallery. Both companies struggled in 2009, while rental firms Netflix and Redbox flourished. However, the recent stats show that the growth may have cooled. 


  1. This is the the end of an era. Like VHS, Beta and Cassette before, the era of DVD is ending. Digital download and Streaming whether through Amazon, iTunes, satellite or Cable is where the business is headed and it is moving there faster than we thought. Blu-Ray will be lucky to have a longer life than 8-track tapes.

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