Who’s Responsible for the ‘American Idol’ Overruns That Are Causing DVRs to Miss the Ending of ‘Glee’?

Apr 29, 2010  •  Post A Comment

For the second consecutive week, Tuesday’s broadast of "American Idol" ran longer than an hour, creating DVR havoc among fans of "Glee," which followed "Idol," reports TV critic Alan Sepinwall.

Fox has no control over the "Idol" broadcast, short of switching from the show at exactly 9:00 p.m. EST, which could cut off the end of "Idol."

That’s not likely because of the network’s regard for the Nielsen powerhouse.

Sepinwall suggests that "Idol" director Bruce Gowers should be the first person to take charge of the timing of the broadcast, but also points out that host Ryan Seacrest is responsible for keeping the show moving and could do more to make it to the ending without going over time.


  1. This has been an on-going problem for several shows. I wonder, don’t ANY television executives (and their families) DVR programs? At least Idol, and other live events, have a bit of an excuse, but so many shows end about a minute late, we have to record the entire next show just to get the last line. If they think that is going to encourage me to watch that next show, it is NOT working!

  2. In these days of Hulu episodes and clips, free for recent shows, who really CARES if a show is clipped by the DVR?
    If your show ran after a live football game, you’d record longer, so why not record longer for a live singing show?
    Complain, complain, complain. Isn’t this story over a week old now?

  3. Doug, I agree. If your show follows a live program, add 30 min to your DVR recording!

  4. If you have to depend on Ryan Seacrest shutting his mouth in order for the show to end on time, you are in real trouble.

  5. Why all the complaining about Idol and no complaints about ABC and LOST doing the same thing and running over in a DELIBERATE attempt to save “V” and block Parenthood and The Good Wife.

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