Cowell Tells Oprah ‘Idol’ Ratings Are Down Because of Loss of Paula Abdul

May 21, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Simon Cowell, appearing on Oprah Winfrey’s show Thursday, said he believes the ratings on "American Idol" are down because of the loss of Paula Abdul, reports the New York Post

Cowell added that he hoped the show wouldn’t replace him with another person like Ellen DeGeneres — someone without experience in the music business. "You’ve got to have somebody on that panel who actually knows what they’re talking about," he said, adding that if it were an ice-skating competition you’d have a judge who "knows the difference between a 10, a 9 and an 8."

Cowell also added that he’s leaving the program because he was bored and had started to go "on automatic pilot."


  1. Simon is completely WRONG. Ratings are NOT down because of the loss of Paula.
    1) The ratings have been in decline for the past few years.
    2) The choise of Paula’s replacement really turned people off the show. Ellen is a complete disaster. She has now credibility.
    If a credible person had come aboard to replace Paula, ratings would be better than they are now.

  2. I am not a fan of everyone in the world becoming singers and this show is just about people who can sing other people’s songs. Very few people making it on to the show go anywhere with it. Even fewer of the winners go as far as some who placed further down. The only problem with the judges this year is they made some very poor choices for finalists. The odds of anyone emerging from this year’s competition making it to a Grammy’s is virtually nil. Nowadays you have a much better chance of making it on YoutTube – which Ellen is doing a better job on her own show promoting new talent than AI. I think people are slowing getting tired of “Reality” shows/contests in general – as shown by the number of very few, if any, new ones coming to light. Shows that allow people to vote as many times as they want aren’t good for the contest, the contestants, or the show in general. It ends up more about appearance than talent.

  3. Actually TV-Aholic, American Idol has been breaking records with votes and viewers the previous years. Their audience even dropped to the lowest it has been since Season 1. It started to decline last year because of Kara. Then Paula leaving topped it off, there is no chemistry between the judges at all anymore and the fact Kara acts like Paula from what I have seen of the show is worse. Kara ruined the chemistry and Paula broke it up. Therefore Paula is part of the reason why American Idol is going down the drains now. Simon leaving next year makes the show nothing now.

  4. They need to replace Simon with Piers from Britains Got Talent. They need to get rid of Ellen and Kara and bring Paula back, otherwise the next season will be the last.

  5. The A I show is failing because the people who pick the contestants do not
    choose the people with any talent. The
    ones who are chosen have no talent whatsoever. Each year it gets worse and
    I do not watch anymore….no voices in
    those chosen, and if they do have any kind of voice, they stand like statues, and have no showmanship whatsoever!!!

  6. Simon is right. Kara’s addition changed the show to focus on the judges and it has changed the entire perspective of the show. Losing Paula and adding Ellen just continued the focus on the judges and they eat up time and distract from why people originally watched. They were the supporting players and now they want to star and it is killing the ratings.

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