Both Jon Stewart and Craig Ferguson Have Followed in His Footsteps: Former Late Night Host Opts for a Syndicated Fox Talk Show

May 5, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Former ESPN anchorman, original "Daily Show" star, and one time "Late Late Show" host has decided to return to the talk show beat, reports the New York Times.

It’s Craig Kilborn., and he’s in talks to star in a possible syndicated show that would be distributed by 20th Television, the syndication arm of Fox’s television stations. The show would most likely get a trial run this summer on local Fox stations. 

An internal memo reveals that the program would be an entertainment talk show, a “non-political ‘Daily Show.’” As for what time of day the show will air, insiders claim it may not be a late night entry at all. It might run in daytime like "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."


  1. A BIG welcome back Kily!!! You have been missed!!!

  2. The guy was duller than ‘warmed-over’ dish water.

  3. Nothing worse than a guy who thinks he’s
    really funny, and isn’t !

  4. Let’s face it. Kilborn, a relatively obscure no-talent putz, has one single scintilla of fame, and that’s for being a just-barely-known no-talent putz whose name most people have mercifully forgotten.
    I’d hate to be the doomed patsy that’s slated to take the fall for giving Kilborn’s congenital arrogance new room for growth, not that he’ll be on the air very long.
    The seemingly-desperate Fox network, having been rescued and given life by Al Bundy & family, has one genuinely funny sitcom, (“Til Death”) on the air right now, so naturally, Fox is cancelling it. If they really want laughs, they should use the stars of their cable “News” show for a remake of the Three Stooges, using Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck, and that cowardly, self-styled, “Great American,” Sean Hannity.

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