Funny or Die Video: Satirical Site Shows What Conan Was Thinking As He Was Interviewed by ’60 Minutes’ (Warning–Explicit Language)

May 5, 2010  •  Post A Comment


  1. This is the guy who forced Jay out (in his prime) with a threat to go to another network. How honorable is that? Wouldn’t the honorable thing to do be ‘wait until Leno leaves on his own’? Geez, even Dave and Jay waited for Johnny to leave on his won….unless you believe those rumors that Carson was told to leave.

  2. I’m with Doug here, and really sick of all the sympathy from team Coco. I’d think SOME satire sites like FOD would point out what a (and I hate this word) douche Conan was. I’m glad he’s going to be tucked away from the spotlight the “lesser” cable realm. He’ll probably still be a whiny b***h as he eats crow, but his sheepish Team will probably bleat less.

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