In Light of Her ‘SNL’ Triumph, Facebook Pages Emerge with Petitions Campaigning for Betty White to Host the Emmys and the Oscars

May 12, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Betty White, clearly the favorite octogenarian of Millennials–and probably most of the rest of us as well–is now being urged to both co-host the primetime Emmys this year and host the Oscars next year, according to a number of articles, including ones at SheWired.com and SnarkFood.com, respectively.  

Petitions on Facebook for both these ideas have emerged. The primetime Emmys will be on NBC in August, and Jimmy Fallon has already been announced as that show’s host. Given White’s recent triumph on "Saturday Night Live," the series where Fallon first broke out, as well as White’s many years on "The Golden Girls," which was a hit for NBC, White co-hosting the Emmys seems like a pretty good–and crowd-pleasing–idea.

It’s rich with irony as well. Imagine–the one sure-fire way for the Emmy telecast to both increase its ratings and draw in younger viewers may be to have White, Hollywood’s youngest 88-year-old, be the show’s co-headliner.

TVWeek Exclusive Elixer alert: We guess it’s pretty obvious now–the only way to save "American Idol" when Simon leaves is to replace him with….Betty White 🙂  


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