‘Lost’ Aired More Than 45 Minutes of Commercials During Finale

May 24, 2010  •  Post A Comment

More than 45 minutes of advertisements accompanied yesterday’s two-and-a-half hour finale of "Lost" on ABC, Entertainment Weekly reports.

EW.com estimated that 107 spots aired during the finale last night. Generally, a network runs 18 to 21 spots per hour. "Lost’s" first hour carried nearly 37 ads, along with seven promos for local programming and ABC content. 

Reports circulated that advertisers were paying nearly $900,000 per 30-second spot during the finale, compared to $213,000 at the start of this season. 


  1. And that’s why I recorded it and picked it up halfway by starting at the beginning so I could bypass all those commercials. Thank you DirecTV. Wish I had done that for the final of Grey’s Anatomy!!! 2 hour program that was probably only about 75 minutes long!! Will do that tonight for the final of “24”

  2. As a die-hard LOST fan, I had to watch every second of it live. Pardon the pun, but Target hit a real “bulls-eye” with the Lost-themed ads, and not being much of a movie-goer, I actually want to see Prince of Persia.

  3. That amount is very close to what the networks normally run for primetime. Thanks to dvr’s I can watch an hour show in 40 minutes. I rarely watch a show live these days.

  4. Want 30 FORWARD skip on your Comcast Motorola DVR?
    saved me 45 mins of my life on this one show…

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