NBC Likely to Cancel ‘Heroes’

May 12, 2010  •  Post A Comment

NBC will very likely cancel "Heroes," reports former TVWeek TV Editor Joe Adalian at New York Magazine’s Vulture website.

There had been reports that NBC was contemplating one last go-round for the series — a fifth season of 13 episodes to close out the show — but now that is not as likely.

The word from agency sources and industry experts is that more "Heroes" would simply be throwing good money after bad.


  1. Cancel Heroes? NO!!!!
    The least they can do is run one more season and wrap up the story line. Please?

  2. It’s probably a pretty expensive show, especially with the special effects. And to spend that kind of money on only 13 eps is probably not smart. They could at least offer a 2 or 4-hr wrap up movie/miniseries and promote the hell out of it. But still, it’s probably cheaper to go with a new drama.

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