Oprah Snares Interview with Sarah Ferguson to Talk About Scandal: Separate Report Says Ferguson, The Duchess of York, is Broke

May 28, 2010  •  Post A Comment

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Oprah Winfrey Snares Interview with Duchess of York to Talk About Access Scandal
Oprah Winfrey has scored the first television interview with Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson since she was caught in a royal influence-peddling scandal, reports the New York Post.

The interview will air Tuesday afternoon, June 1, 2010, but Oprah’s production company declined to comment on where or when the interview is being filmed. Ferguson will talk "about the recent video that has made headlines around the world," according to a statement from the show. Ferguson was secretly taped by a U.K. newspaper asking for $40,000 in cash and a wire transfer of $720,000 for access to Prince Andrew, her former husband. Ferguson has apologized for the incident but has been keeping out of public view.

Separately, US Weekly is reporting that Ferguson is broke,according to MSNBC.


  1. Please correct your report, because she has very much been in the public eye since this incident, most recently in New York.

  2. Hi Virginia. Actually, it’s not us here at TVWeek who said that. It was today’s report in the New York Post to which we were referring. Here is the exact quote from the Post:
    “The Duchess has been in the US this week to attend a booksellers’ convention in New York to promote a childrens’ book she has written.
    “But, other than that, she has kept out of public view.”

    Chuck Ross
  3. hey can someone explain to me what this is about I dont understand the full story ? she wanted access to what of her ex-husband?

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