Report: ‘Old Christine,’ ‘Ghost Whisperer’ Aren’t Dead Yet

May 21, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The people behind "The New Adventures of Old Christine" and "The Ghost Whisperer," two shows cut from CBS’ schedule, are working to ensure the shows keep on air, reports Nellie Andreeva on Deadline.com

Both may end up at ABC, although a deal for "Old Christine" "appears very, very difficult to make," she writes. Things look better for "The Ghost Whisperer," as the writer-producers on the show have deals in place with ABC Studios for the coming season and the writers have been asked not to take other jobs.  


  1. ABC, saving ghost whisperer would bring more viewers to your network. CBS is making a huge mistake by cutting it off. It’s true that shows don’t go on forever, however, good shows should last more than just the five years it has been airing. I am saddened that ghost whisperer has been canceled from CBS but I am hoping ABC will save it.

  2. SAVE GHOST WHISPERER–why keep MEDIUM…which is rated lower than GHOST WHISPERER. Ghost Whisperer was the top show on Friday nites…bizarre.

  3. YESS!!! GO ABC PLEASE sign up Ghost Whisperer, this is a show that teaches a lot of good values that are inherent in all of us, and it is one of the very best shows on Television with the most likeable characters we LOVE. It actually tells a story and young and old can enjoy it alike without having to have sex, violence and pornography. ABC you will get MANY more viewers to your network with this show and be our hero, WE WANT AND LOVE GHOST WHISPERER!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Denny – CBS owns 100% of Medium and only a portion of GW. That’s why!
    Janelle – Honestly, you don’t know that. What they gain with GW, they may lose with whatever show it would replace.

  5. Ghost Whisperer deserves to be saved. I cant believe Medium made the cut . Ghost Whisperer always had better ratings. As for Old Christine. That show should have been cut 5 years ago

  6. I don’t know why you are all bashing Medium. I really like BOTH shows and I thought it was great having Medium right after GW. I don’t understand why CBS is letting GW go. I hope ABC picks it up as well!

  7. ABC, PLEASE SAVE GHOST WHISPERER!! It’s one of my favorite shows ever and all my friends and my family watch it too! You need to save this show!

  8. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SAVE GHOST WHISPERER!!! It is honestly the best show out there and it gets good ratings. I don’t understand why CBS cancelled it.
    I’ll be really sad if this amazing show doesn’t get picked up…

  9. Ghost Whisperer is has changed from good to what the hell? Save it only if the current plot lines and stories improve! Otherwise, let it go. That’s why the ratings dropped, what the hell happened with the writing.?

  10. PLEASE SAVE GHOST WHISPERER ABC…. ghost whisperer was what i think one of the best tv shows. I really don’t understand why CBS cut ghost whisperer. some shows that are gonna be coming on CBS don’t even deserv to be on. But i really hope abc saves GW

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