Roger Ailes and Fox News: Traitors or Patriots?

May 10, 2010  •  Post A Comment

It’s clear that there’s a war between the Obama White House and Fox News. TVWeek Open Mic blogger Chuck Ross says it’s a bigger issue about the nature of a free press in a democracy in his very provocative essay. Click here to read it


  1. Neither. They’re ignoramuses. They shouldn’t be shot for treason, but their faces should be red with shame and embarrassment for being so wrong constantly.

  2. Roger Ailes and FOX (News?) deserve all the crap that is, (and will be), coming their way.
    Our Democracy demands questioning of any one “regimes” ideas or policies.
    But the part where Ailes and his FOX buddies fail us is in reporting the news. They wave their motto: “We report, you decide” like they actually report. They do not. They interpret, distort and present as if what they read and show is “news”.
    The intermixing of news and opinion within any given paragraph is distortion to the max. If they would label it FOX Opinions, then, OK. But, to continue to be so totally biased under a flag of “News” is dishonest.
    News is news, opinion is opinion and should be disclaimed and set aside as such.
    Roger Ailes is a master at distortion of the truth. IF Murdock wants to call it “FOX News”, then Ailes should be out on his ass and the “News” Division at FOX should have a mass firing of its biased “reporters”.
    Peter Bright

  3. Thank you Mr. Bright..for your accurate comments..this guy Ailes…is a number one Aileshole..lier and truth bender..also full time jerk…started as a segment producer on an entertainment show..and is still menipulating audiences 30 years later..

  4. to the previous idiots that posted…if u dont like it, turn it off!!! DOH

  5. Fox and Ailes are laughing all the way to the bank. Check the ratings. People don’t watch MSNBC or CNN or the other water carriers for Obama.

  6. All of these comments are interesting as they seem to focus on the opinion/feature programs on FOX and ignore those type of programs on the other networks. The NEWS programs hosted by Shepard Smith and Bret Baier – Fox Report and Special Report – are as good as any news programs on Broadcast or Cable.

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