Tom O’Neil, Widely Regarded as an Expert on the Emmys, on Why He Thinks Ellen Really Didn’t Submit Her Name to be Considered as Best Daytime Talk Show Host This Year

May 13, 2010  •  Post A Comment

There was a lot of head scratching in Hollywood yesterday when Ellen Degeneres was not on the list of nominees at Best Talk Show Host.

On her website Ellen posted this non-explanation explanation: "I didn’t submit myself for the ‘Best Talk Show Host’ Emmy this year. I feel my steroid use gives me an unfair advantage."

But Tom O’Neil, who writes for the Los Angeles Times’ Gold Derby blog, has another explanation. O’Neil, by the way, has written a book about the Emmys and is considered an expert on the competition.

He writes at Gold Derby that Ellen, last year, lost the "Best Host" award to the women who host "The View." Prior to that she had won the award four times in a row. Thus, O’Neil concludes that it’s possible that Degeneres didn’t enter this year so she doesn’t have to face the possiblity of losing again.


  1. Really? Spoken like a true advertising and television guy. If she didn’t submit, perhaps she does want to win. Does there always have to be a negative ulterior motive? Perhaps she thinks because she splits her time between her show and Idol, she is not at 100%…who knows, who cares? There are about 5 million other people who want to be nominated and win. At the end of the day, does it really matter? Really?

  2. Ellen Should Host The Daytime Emmys This Year. By The Way, She Has A “Prime-Time” Job As Well. It Wouldn’t Be Fair For Her To Run For A Daytime Emmy For Best Talk Show Host. Ellen Has Loyal Fans All Over The World. Some Agree. Others Do Not.

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