Video: Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s Attack on Erin Andrews and Then Hasselbeck’s Tearful Apology

May 6, 2010  •  Post A Comment


  1. Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s an idiot!!!
    She proves this on a daily basis!

  2. video doesnt work but i dont need to see it to know elizabeth is a complete fool

  3. Hi Joe..We just tested it and it’s working for us…maybe try at a diffferent computer. Thanks, Chuck

    Chuck Ross
  4. Elizabeth Hasselbeck grow the heck up. I am wondering with your outlook on stalked women and Erins outfits what would you do if the shoe was on the other foot. How did you ever have any children.

  5. She has to consult with her 5-year old to know she should apologize? And seriously – I haven’t seen tears that fake coming from anyone but a 5-year old!

  6. For Elizabeth….you need to show a lot more respect for people’s individual rights.
    My Short Skirt, by Eve Ensler
    It is not an invitation
    a provocation
    an indication
    that I want it
    or give it
    or that I hook.
    My short skirt
    is not begging for it
    it does not want you
    to rip it off me
    or pull it down.
    My short skirt
    is not a legal reason
    for raping me
    although it has been before
    it will not hold up
    in the new court.
    My short skirt, believe it or not
    has nothing to do with you.
    My short skirt
    is about discovering
    the power of my lower calves
    about cool autumn air traveling
    up my inner thighs
    about allowing everything I see
    or pass or feel to live inside.
    My short skirt is not proof
    that I am stupid
    or undecided
    or a malleable little girl.
    My short skirt is my defiance
    I will not let you make me afraid
    My short skirt is not showing off
    this is who I am
    before you made me cover it
    or tone it down.
    Get used to it.
    My short skirt is happiness
    I can feel myself on the ground.
    I am here. I am hot.
    My short skirt is a liberation
    flag in the women’s army
    I declare these streets, any streets
    my vagina’s country.
    My short skirt
    is turquoise water
    with swimming colored fish
    a summer festival
    in the starry dark
    a bird calling
    a train arriving in a foreign town
    my short skirt is a wild spin
    a full breath
    a tango dip
    my short skirt is
    But mainly my short skirt
    and everything under it
    is Mine.

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