Viewer Loss on ‘American Idol’ Is Accelerating in Final Weeks

May 4, 2010  •  Post A Comment

"American Idol" may be suffering from viewer fatigue. The show is shedding viewers in a decline that’s accelerating into its finals, USA Today reports.

Viewership has dropped 8.8% for the season, but has slumped 12.8% for the finals weeks, compared with its ratings for the same period a year earlier. For the past two weeks, its Tuesday performance shows dropped under 20 million viewers, something that hasn’t been seen since its second season in 2003.

According to the article, Fox reality executive Mike Darnell explains the dip on anomalies such as "Idol Gives Back," an episode designed to raise money for charities. He also said a different set of Nielsen ratings show a smaller drop. But not everyone agrees, according to the article: "I think there’s a lot of fatigue going on," said Horizon Media’s Brad Adgate, who points to the absence of Paula Abdul and fewer compelling finalists as hurting ratings.


  1. We put it on the DVR, skip most of itand just listen to the singers we like. For the show that tells which one lost we just skip to the end. Who needs all the flashing lights and commercialization? Frankly, I think this is our last season because without Simon’s comments it’s just not worth even that much time.

  2. Your article nails the problem right on the head, so to speak. After being a loyal “must see” viewer since Season 2, I have not seen an episode since the week Katie Stevens stayed and Didi Benami was sent home. I had just given it one more chance the week before because Paige Miles didn’t go home sooner. This year’s talent is seriously lacking and losing Paula didn’t help either…I like Ellen, but she’s no Paula. Unfortunately, it looks like American Idol’s best days may be behind it.

  3. The show that is REALLY boring this year is Dancing With the Stars. zzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. There is a definite move by FOX to make Ryan the Star as Simon leaves. I think this has changed the entire view and tempo of the show away from the judges and onto Ryan. He no longer is the neutral observer representing the viewer and this along with a fairly weak group of candidates this year has really hurt the show. They need a Howard Stern in the Simon position to put the judges back into the right position and Ryan back as neutral observer.

  5. I continue to watch American Idol DESPITE Ryan Seacrest. The man is incredibly irritating. And his attempts at jokes are pathetic.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed and informative article.

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