Will ‘Ghost Whisperer’ End up at ABC After Getting Dropped by CBS?

May 19, 2010  •  Post A Comment

ABC is in discussions to pick up "The Ghost Whisperer" after CBS said it was dropping the program, Nellie Andreeva reports at Deadline.com

On the plus side, the show has an appealing star in Jennifer Love Hewitt and has already been sold in syndication. At the right price, it would be attractive to the network. "Better still, it is co-owned by ABC, whose studio developed it before selling it to CBS, which owns half of the show," Andreeva writes.


  1. If ABC picks up Ghost Whisperer from CBS but not the New Adventures of Old Christine, I’ll be bummed. GW is really stupid now, but Christine is a funny show.

  2. Ghost whisperer is the best show on tv. Who needs another retarded sitcom. Really?! How many of those stupid shows do we need?

  3. I hope ABC picks up Ghost Whisperer. I also like the back to back episodes of it.

  4. Sounds like a fine idea to me. Ironic, though, when you consider that Medium’s resurrection came only when CBS salvaged it (upon NBC’s cancellation) and ensconced it behind the solid anchor of Ghost Whisperer, the highest rated series on Friday nights. And now CBS retains Medium, which is a longer running series!

  5. I so totally hope ABC picks up Ghost Whisperer because it is the best show ever. Who needs the New Adventures of old Christine? Nodody!!! Exactly! So hopefully they do pick up Ghost Whisperer it is the best show anyone could ever watch! :):):):):):)Peace Out:)

  6. I agree with Emily. Who needs another stupid sitcom. They aren’t the same as they used to be and I really do not think they are funny. However, Ghost Whisperer is one of the greatest series ever on tv. The only downfall was this season. First they jumped 5 years so there are the questions of what happened during that 5 years. Then the stupid kid. I don’t like him at all. He is an awful actor. Yes he has had to act during some really dark scenes, but he is just scary himself. His hair is too dark for his white complexion. He wouldn’t be so bad if he had a tan I guess. And then what’s with the shadows and the shinies. They never came to light until Aiden came into the picture. The ghosts never even mentioned them. So what’s the deal. Anyway, please pick up Ghost Whisperer ABC. I really do not think you will regret it.

  7. Ghost Whisperer rocks and cbs so messed up by cutting such an amazing show. I am boycotting cbs and will switch my TV loyality to ABC if they will plck up Ghost Whisperer. They can at least get one amazing closer of a season. To end this series like this leaves all the devoted Ghost Whisperer Fans hanging. Please help us ABC!!

  8. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick it up!!!!!!! Medium…I used to watch that the first season but I didn’t like the weak characters! Not even close to Ghost Whisperer. It actually scares me or makes me cry or my gosh the emotional roller coaster!! My whole family got hooked and now catch up with my DVD’s! Men in my family like it…well yeah Jennifer is hot BUT the show is good too!!!!!!!!! How will I know what to do when I am dead!!!!!

  9. GW is the best possible show ever on TV! i also luv ELLEN, SURVIVOR, CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, and GW!u cnt cancel GW its amazing & i watch every episode on friday nites. wat will i watch on friday? c’mon tell me. EXACTLY!!! i will hav nothing 2 watch!!!

  10. There are a bunch of us demanding that the show be kept on the air!! Come join us and show your support at our Facebook page. We will get them to hear us, and save our show!!

  11. Please, please please ABC pick-up Ghost Whisperer – it is the best show and you have my full support and loyalty! I started watching from the 4th season on. But I have purchased the DVD set 1-4 and am absolutely loving catching up on it. Both Jennifer Love Hewitt and David Conrad are fantastic actors! Enjoy watching them both (can’t get enough!) and would be sad not to have them on our screens! It’s a show very close to the heart and strikes a cord with everybody who has lost someone – wanting their loved one to be at peace and move on……. Please don’t let GW die!

  12. I really hope ABC picks up Ghost Whisperer & then maybe it will finally be on HULU. CBS needs to get with the times & start putting more stuff online. Although, ABC has really ticked me off by pushing Happy Town to the summer. I hate gaps, it makes me lose interest. It reminds me of when they did the presentation of Kingdom Hospital, I don’t think they ever finished playing it. Or was it them that canceled that space show last summer (?) & never aired the real finale?

  13. ABC pick up ghostwhisperer! If you dont you and cbs are going to loose a lot of people watchin your channels. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!! My kids love ghostwhisperer! Before they new about it they were goin out every friday tell 11 oclock now that they seen ghostwhisperer they stay home every friday night. so i know there safe.PLEASE IM COUNTING ON YOU ABC!!!!!!

  14. I really really hope that ABC picks up “Ghost Whisperer.” I don’t watch much TV but I do watch “Ghost Whisperer.” I am obbsessed with this show and I really need them to pick it up. It’s gotten so good with Aiden. Please ABC if you read this please pick up “Ghost Whisperer!!!!”

  15. This is ridiculous that CBS goes and cancels another great show, THIS MAKES 3 THAT YOU HAVE CANCELED FOR STUPIDITY!! I’m getting tired of CBS and Friday nights is the only night I watch!! I’ve yet to find any other shows that I like on their station!! So say GOODBYE to another viewer of your channel!! PLEASE ABC, Add GW to your roster and you have me hooked to your station most of the week!

  16. yes i hope channel 9 gets host whisperer it will be my new favorite channel

  17. Please save GW it is my all time fav show i would be bummed out if it was canceled 2moro is only the 5th sason finale!!

  18. ABC would foolish not to pick up such a tasty show, with such a devoted fan base as GW. It’s in syndication, pulls solid numbers, and they already have 3 fingers in the honey pot—– (that means they own half the show already. I just blew your mind and picked a way more clever way of saying it).

  19. I agree! ABC really needs to pick up this show. And you’re right about the kid. I’ve been wondering all season what I missed. First he’s a babay and then,all of a sudden, he’s a kid. I don’t get it. ABC- PLEASE pick it up. After all, with all the really stupid reality shows that are on, we need a good show that makes you think. PLEASE

  20. ABC you HAVE to save GW its such a beatiful show with fans ALL OVER THE WORLD! I live in England for one, and I have a friend in Holland whom I talk to constantly about GW! Please, don’t miss an opportunity as great as this!

  21. ABC you should really pick up GW everyone likes it not every one likes OC but GW its my favorrite show PLEASE ABC PICK UP GW

  22. I got nominated by my family to help out my bro in chicago;with free time on my hands I got addicted to gw about 3 months ago,better late than never and then its cancelled.Was so upset went out and bought a bottle of wine to watch finale.Please bring back,was never an admirer of jlh but am now.By the way her book is hilarious, think I’ve read it 20 times just so I could laugh.

  23. I am also a huge fan.I have not only seen every single episode once, but over a dozen times.I watch it on ion channel, and sci-fi channel also. I can’t get enough of it.I thought of a way to kind of get around the Aiden situation.On one of the episode show home videos of the first four years, or have flashbacks. It works for other shows, why not this? After how they finally showed how Aiden’s power really works, by saving Melinda.I just loved the way he did that, with the spirits of the spirits from the other side even though they crossed over. He can start helping other people possessed too, because once in a while Melinda had to deal with that. I think it’s cool mother/son team, remember her mom would never help her out even though she had the same power.When it looked liked jim was going to get killed off a few seasons ago , I almost quit watching it then, but I waited to give it a chance to see where they were going with it. I’m glad I did now, please abc pick it up so I don’t regret it.

  24. PLEASE pick up GW its a very cool and awesome show

  25. This is crazy canceling Ghost Whispers, and keeping all the reality shows on, every friday nite most of my family and friends would watch it an orders pizzas, it became a tradtion!!! one of the networks should pick it up !!! what can we do to keep it on???

  26. who is the dumb butts that wnat to get rid of gw. they dont know a good show

  27. who is the dumb butts that want to get rid of gw they dont know what they had

  28. who is the dumb butts that want to get rid of gw they dont know what they had

  29. Then you have never actually paid attention to the show. Congratulations, you like a comedy show, there’s thousands of those shows out there; pick another one. Ghost Whisperer is the only show out there that isn’t like any of the rest. It helps people deal with a serious issue in life, and a lot of people can relate to it. It’s too bad that you can’t. So go ahead, and watch your stupid comedy.

  30. I am aware that Ghost Whisperer isn’t just popular among the Americans or in the western regions, but it is also popular across the globe. [Fyi, I am Singaporean]
    I remembered when I was young, I was fascinated by shows which have supernatural phenomenon, and at that time, inspiration from producers have created tv shows such as the Supernatural, Ghost Whisperer etc. As a little girl since, I would sit for an hour, patiently waiting for the show to begin. It always brings much pleasure to reminisce.
    The fact that the show was unique from the rest of the sitcoms, I found that recent tv shows like FlashForward, Fringe, are more and more getting into the sci-fi genre. I am not saying that it isn’t good, but it has become very annoying as the plot for most of the shows beyond sci-fi adopt about the same plot, same consipiracy, same unrealistic events. There really isn’t real touching tv show such as Ghost Whisperer, which lasted even till now.
    Sincerely, I hope that ABC and CBS would re-consider putting it back on line. Since it did not affect their ratings [I suppose, judging from the popularity], perhaps, by putting it back in business may actually give a different feel for audience like us, which also indirectly benefits them in terms of economics.

  31. Oh ya, to add on. I am also curious about the life of Aiden. I want to know what happens to him. What happens when he’s with the shinie? How is life going on in the Clancy’s family. Really, it gets me to be addicted to it. The 1st and foremost show..


  33. Yes please bring back Ghost Whisperer! I look forward to this show every week!!! Please Please bring it back!!!

  34. I agree with everyone who does not want GW cancelled. What are you nuts, it is a great show with terrific actors/actresses. GW is my favorite show and I would look forward to watching it every Friday night with my daughter. The girls in work would also watch it and then we would discuss it on Monday. You really need to rethink what you did. You get rid of the good shows and keep the bad. Not a good deal.

  35. GW was the #1 show for it’s time slot for CBS on Friday nights. It was also one of the highest rated shows so why did CBS cancel it? Medium was on Monday nights and wasn’t doing well. CBS moved it to the time slot after GW to boost it’s ratings which it did. If anyone of these two shows should of been cancel it should of be Medium not GW. I sure hope ABC see’s what they have at hand and bring back GW. It will deffinately boost their ratings especial if they put it back into a slot on Friday nights.

  36. It really is one of a kind, is it not?

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  40. Ghost Whisperer is my all time favorite. It is fun, romantic and the actors are just perfect for this show. I watch it every time I see it on even if I have seen it before. I am hooked and hate that it is being dropped. Your loss CBS but it is our loss too.

  41. please abc put it back and make more eposiodes please please really we bug watcher of this show need it and i bet abc will get more veiws you have to please please

  42. omg im so far behind i berely watched the season 5 finale and i cnt believe it ended 2 years ago pls pls pls bring it bak it was so amazing please the season can not end like this please ABC bring it bak or CBS dnt let it go please how many times do u want to hear people say this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!

  43. I love Ghost Whispered. Don’t care who airs it just bring it back. Would love to see some new episodes. The back to back episodes are great.

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