With Crystal Dominating ‘Idol’ Last Night, and the Show Ending Tonight For the Season, Here’s The Current Status of Finding a Replacement for Simon Cowell

May 26, 2010  •  Post A Comment

With much of the blogosphere agreeing the Crystal Bowersox dominated the "American Idol" finals last night, and the show ending its season tonight, attention is again being paid as to who will replace judge Simon Cowell next season.

Fox executives will begin their search for a replacement in earnest this summer, the New York Times’ Brian Stelter reports.

The article asks the question about Cowell, "[J]ust just how important is he to the singing franchise? The television industry won’t be able to say for sure until after his replacement starts. On the one hand, he is ‘able to captivate an audience in a way that no one has replicated,’ The Hollywood Reporter said this week in naming him the most powerful person in reality TV.

"On the other hand, as Mr. Rice noted last week, the ‘Idol’ format ‘works around the world’ without Mr. Cowell’s presence. The number of viewers watching ‘Idol’ has dropped about 9 percent this season, continuing a gradual decline that is common for big, aging TV shows. (In fact, most other shows erode faster.)"

Names that have popped up as possible replacements for Cowell include Jamie Foxx, Elton John, Harry Connick Jr. and the music executive Tommy Mottola. Fox Networks Groups Chairman Peter Rice has said the new judge must provide both "music credibility and incredible entertainment value."


  1. They should go back to three judges. Eliminate Ellen, who showed her true colors with her label announcement upstaging the Idol Finals (that couldn’t have waited a couple of weeks?). Refocus the show on the talented kids. Find a way to get the viewers involved earlier with choosing the top 24 using online voting where only one vote per user is permitted.

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