Writers of ‘Friday Night Lights” and “Caprica’ Sign 20th TV Deal

May 4, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The longtime writing partners who have worked on "Friday Night Lights" and "Caprica", have signed a two-year agreement with 20th Century Fox TV, where they’ll work on creating new ideas and shows in development, the Hollywood Reporter reports.

The writing team in question, Patrick Masset and John Zinman, are finishing up work on the last episodes of "Friday Night Lights" and may end up working on one of the several pilots in the running for next season. Possibilities include Fox drama pilots "Ride Along", "Midland" and "Breakout Kings." "They show tremendous flexibility and diversity in terms of the types of shows they’ve worked on," Gary Newman, chairman of 20th TV, said.


  1. As a fan of Battlestar Galactice, if Caprica and FNL is on their resume, I would think twice about a deal with these writers. Some may call it quaility Drama (I would not be one of those), but needless to say those show do not attact viewers. Caprica is plain out boring. It is more like General Hospital than BSG. Friday Night Lights has yet to generate any vieweing interest and it could be that is boring as well.
    Money down the tubes for 20th Century Fox.

  2. Totally unfair to criticize a show if you haven’t been watching. Despite the ratings, Friday Night Lights is still one of the best written programs on television. If NBC had put as much effort into FNL as it has Heroes and Chuck it would likely now have a strong program to fill one of its many open holes.

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