AMC Offering Deals that Include Interactive Ads Using Technology Developed by Canoe Ventures

Jun 28, 2010  •  Post A Comment

AMC is hoping national advertisers will take advantage of some interactive technology at least for part of their buys, Media Daily News reports in an article by our friends and former Ad Age colleagues, Joe Mandese and David Goetzl.

According to the article, "Based on a document AMC has been floating, it appears that Canoe Ventures’ platform for national request for information (RFI) ads will reach approximately 7 million homes by the fourth quarter…If an advertiser runs a spot in AMC’s 95 million homes, an RFI prompt could appear in those 7 million come fall. That can allow a viewer to order more information about a product or a free sample in the mail. Canoe licenses the RFI technology to cable networks, which then sell the opportunity to advertisers."

The article adds that by also adding the advanced ad services of the MSO Cablevision (which owns AMC), the number of interactive homes rises to 10 million.

Furthermore, according to the story, "For that reach, AMC hopes to charge advertisers that buy its upfront inventory an additional $100,000 a month ($1.2 million for 12 months). What’s noteworthy: AMC is looking to charge a flat fee, rather than a cost-per-click or cost-per-lead model."

Also, interestingly, while most of the buy would be national, the ads on Cablevision would actually be local buys that run separately, the article says.

Mandese and Goetzl have turned up a lot more details on this unique offering,so click here to read their entire piece.


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  1. All these tech issues, gadgets and whatnot remind me of what Mashal McLuhan has said: “What may emerge as the most important insight of the twenty-first century is that man was not designed to live at the speed of light. Without the countervailing balance of natural and physical laws, the new video-related media will make man implode upon himself,” and IMHO, we’re – as a humanity – getting closer to the “imploding moment”.

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