Bloomberg TV Asks Comcast to Place it Adjacent to CNBC on the Dial; Post-Merger Organization Structure for Comcast-NBCU to Be Ready in September

Jun 29, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Bloomberg LP has requested government regulators place conditions on the merger of Comcast with NBC Universal such as requiring Comcast to program Bloomberg TV next to NBCU’s CNBC on the cable channel line-up, Bloomberg BusinessWeek is reporting.

If conditions such as these aren’t required, Bloomberg is asking the FCC to force Comcast to divest itself of the business-news channel, the article says. A Comcast spokeswoman said the cable company has added 1.5 million customers to Bloomberg TV’s distribution since announcing the NBC merger, while a Bloomberg spokesman declined to comment.

Separately, the organizational structure of the media giant formed by the pending merger of Comcast and NBC Universal will be ready in September, the New York Post reports.

Comcast is permitted to work in consultation with NBCU to figure out the management structure, the story says. "The issue for the two owners is figuring out who will make the cut. It’s unlikely the new venture, for example, will need two sets of execs in Washington, DC," the article points out. Meanwhile, Comcast has devoted millions in fees paid to special advisers in D.C. with the goal of helping the merger pass smoothly, the story says.

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  1. The New York Post is so rarely right and so often wrong. Some basic fact checking is in order here.
    John Miller will be 60 later this year. GE’s retirement age is 65, not 62. If the reporter for the Post can’t get those two simple, basic facts correct, then the rest of the ‘facts’ in her article are also called into question.
    Well, the whole paper is a rag, but still…

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