Can You Guess Who? He’s Been a Daytime Soap Star, the Star of One of the Most Beloved Family Sitcoms of All Time, and Has Primetime Drama Chops as Well. And Now He’ll be Joining the Cast of ‘Glee’ Next Season. Hint: He LOVES Elvis

Jun 8, 2010  •  Post A Comment

He may be singular in his popularity: as a one time daytime soap opera star, as part of the cast of one of the most beloved family sitcoms ever–that is still popular with kids today, thanks to reruns and DVDs; and as part of a long-running TV drama for a few seasons. And he loves Elvis.

What better credentials for someone joining the cast of "Glee."

We’re speaking of John Stamos.

EW.com first reported that Stamos, who makes a guest appearance on "Glee’s" season finale tonight (Tuesday, June 8, 2010), was talking to the show’s producers about joining the cast next season, and E! confirmed that the deal has been set.

Stamos will play the part of Emma’s dentist, who Emma is dating.


  1. “Full House” as one of the most beloved family sitcoms of all time? On which planet?

  2. Ryan Murphy always jumps the shark in season 2. Good luck with that multi-year renewal.

  3. No. OMG no. NO NO NO NO NO.

  4. I didn’t see him at all on the season finale. They must have cut that scene. He’d be okay as a recurring character, but not as a regular.

  5. I didn’t see him either and I was GLUED to the set.
    Damn, that is one fine cast and I adore Jane Lynch. Please don’t muck up a good thing. i like Stamos but i’d rather see more Neil Patrick Harris!

  6. Awesome blog, nice writing 🙂

  7. Awesome blog, nice writing 🙂

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