‘CSI’ Dumps Castmember

Jun 2, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The cast of CBS’ "CSI" is getting a little smaller with the departure of one cast member.  

Actress Liz Vassey, who plays lab tech Wendy on CBS’s "CSI," has been axed from the show as her contract has not been renewed, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The producers have plans to take the show in a new creative direction in the upcoming new season, the series’ eleventh on the air.

Vassey’s character has been romantically involved with another lab partner, Wallace Langham’s character Hodges, but apparently the hook up will not continue in future episodes.


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  1. The romance between Hodges and Wendy was the one reason I watched the show. They have a chemistry that no one else has. About the phrase ” new creative diection” has been said many times before about other shows to axe people. Liz has many fans, Fishburne is absoutely the worst. Without Hodges and Wendy, the show will be on its way to the tank. Go back and see what the Lab Rats ratings were compared to other shows in the same time slot.They couldhave reprised her recurring role instead of pushing her out the door. no more cbs for me.

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