Dawn Dish Soap Cleaning Oil-Tainted Birds, Cleaning Up on Free Air Time

Jun 18, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Dawn, the dish washing liquid soap, has been showing a commercial for a long while about how its product is gentle enough to clean birds who have been victims of oil spills. Now the company is getting free network exposure because of the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico, reports Mediabistro.com.

CNN’s Christine Roman reported that the company has already shipped 7,000 bottles of Dawn to the region to clean oiled birds, with another 5,000 about to be sent. The company has not issued press releases to capitalize on the spill, but is just following through with the
commitment it made prior to the disaster with regard to any environmental spill affecting birds or other wildlife.

Along with the free publicity on CNN, Dawn is buying online exposure, Mediabistro reports. "The company also purchased advertising on Google when users type in keywords like ‘gulf oil spill clean birds,’" the article said . "When you type in those keywords, a paid ad comes up directing users to Dawn’s Facebook page where it features Dawn products being used to heroically clean birds."


  1. It really is worrying me what is happening in the gulf at the moment. The oil could continue to leak for another couple of years if attempts to stop the leak continue to be unsuccessful Clearly we cant do with out oil as things stand at the moment, we are just too dependent for so many parts of our lives. Its easy to blame BP but accidents happen, just as cars crash and aeroplanes fall from the skys. Accidents are inevitable at some point with deep water drilling, the only problem is the consequesnces are so high when you consider how much oil can potentially leak.

  2. I can’t believe how cowardlyBP has been with this situation. They needed to be more forthcoming with the public about what happened and how long it was going to be to repair the pipe. Im very overjoyed that the leak has been stopped.

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  4. wow you have put alot of effort into this!Thanks

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