FCC Wants to Fine Fox Over ‘American Dad’ Segment

Jun 4, 2010  •  Post A Comment

"The Federal Communications Commission is proposing to fine Fox $25,000 for failing to properly respond to its questions about the airing of a Jan. 3 episode of “American Dad” installment that drew 100,000 consumer complaints," writes our good friend and former TVWeek staffer Ira Teinowitz at TheWrap..

Fox has 30 days to respond before it has to pay the fine. At issue right now isn’t if the segment is indecent, but Fox’s responses to FCC questions.

According to the article, the complaints about the show piled up after "the Parents Television Council urged its members to complain to the FCC that the episode was indecent."

The article also states that the crux of the issue is as follows: The FCC "asked the station in Dallas that Fox owns and operates, KDFW, questions not only about its airing of the show but about how many other Fox stations aired the episode.Fox declined to disclose the other stations, calling the request ‘unnecessary’ and ‘beyond the bureau’s authority.’ ‘It maintained that the FCC s should limit any investigation to stations where complaints were filed and it should already have the complaints."

Here’s a copy of the "American Dad" segment in question. Be forewarned: It includes inuendos about a horse ejaculating.


  1. These folks need to get a life and get out of mine!

  2. That’s the dumbest excuse for a TV show I’ve ever seen. You can’t even understand the dialogue, and from looking at the amateurish ‘animation” I wouldn’t stay on the channel any longer it takes to turn it off. As far as complaints about ‘ejaculation,’ I don’t see that at all. The show must be for morons.

  3. It’s hard to understand how parents have so much free time. I’m a parent of young children. They would NEVER get the references—including the SUV’s gas hole.
    And because I’m busy parenting, I don’t have time to write letters.
    I want the FCC to focus on another of their responsibilities: Make my cell phone work. When all the cell phones work and the bills aren’t criminal then you can worry about double entendre.
    Throughout the history of mankind, government involvement with the arts has never proven to be a good idea.

  4. This show is on much to late for my children to be watching it. And even if they were up at that time, I wouldn’t let them see it. Here is a clue for all other parents…don’t let your children watch programs geared for adults. There, now the FCC can concentrate on more important things rather than saving our poor eyes from seeing something offensive.

  5. This is an adult show. Not for children, hence the word adult. If people are so offended by this show then they should change the channel. The FCC are not your parents they dont need to change the tv for you. Not everyone feels like these uptight people. To each his own. Love this show and will continue to love it. And for those who feel the need to downgrade someone because of the shows they watch, you need to grow up. We are supposed to be free and have the freedom of speech. And that is exactly what this show is doing. They say things that people think about and are too scared to say. Grow up people.

  6. Organizations such as that need a cause celeb to justify their own exisitance. If it wasn’t American Dad it would be pick from column A B or C as long as they get a blurb in the local paper and their name is spelled right. Parents need to be accountable for their own actions and make reasonable choices for their childrens viewing. 9:30 PM on a Sunday should not be high on the list.

  7. Way to focus and straight to your point, i love it. Keep up the work people. Dont let anyone stop us bloggers.

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