Fox Business Bumps Dave Ramsey in Favor of Former Trader Eric Bolling

Jun 9, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Fox Business News is bumping its 8 p.m. show hosted by syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey in favor of a new program hosted by former Wall Street trader Eric Bolling, reports the Los Angeles Times’ Show Tracker blog. 

The new show, "Money Rocks with Eric Bolling," will debut June 21 and will take an irreverent tack to topics that involve business, politics, sports and celebrity. Bolling had served as a panelist on CNBC’s "Fast Money" before joining Fox Business Network in 2008.

Ramsay may make appearances on FBN until his contract expires later this year. The network is also creating a new weekend show hosted by former New Jersey Superior Court judge Andrew Napolitano called "Freedom Watch." It will debut Saturday at 10 p.m.


  1. Way to go Fox! Take the best guy off the air that gives the most grounded advice and actually helps people get out of debt. You’ve lost me as a viewer.

  2. I am very disappointed that you are not showing Dave Ramsey. I will stop watching.

  3. The only reason my husband & I started watching FBN was because of Dave Ramsey. We’ll find a new channel to watch from now on.

  4. WOW!!!!
    Who made that call.
    Dave had it going on.
    Just what everyone needs another trader
    guessing with way the market is going to go.
    See ya FOX.

  5. Here we are, in the worst economic times since the Great Depression. You have a guy in Dave Ramsey who clearly has helped millions of people to get out of debt. His down-to-earth advice and motivational skills is exactly what we need. Lets hope another network picks up the show.

  6. I will be cancelling Fox Business!!
    Who was the genius that made the call to cancel The Dave Ramsey Show?
    So long !!!

  7. I did not know that Fox Business Channel even existed until I went looking to find Dave Ramsey. I hope he will show up elsewhere, but at least I will still have his podcasts from his daily radio show. Bye Bye Fox…

  8. Cuvuto is boring, Imus escaped from a mental ward and doesn’t even belong on a business channel, Stosell is plain nuts and the business news would put you to sleep. They’d better get Dave Ramsey back or they have lost a loyal viewer. I wouldn’t watch this lame channel for any other reason.

  9. Dave Ramsey provides solid, well-grounded financial advice to his audience. His is one of the most practical shows to apply to our personal finances. It is critical at any time, but especially during this time of recession & deficit.
    I hope you will reconsider and put him back on the air.
    Thank you!

  10. No Dave Ramsey? No FBN for me!

  11. Funny that I just signed up for the extra service to get FBN just to watch Dave Ramsey. I will be canceling that. FBN sucks without DR!!

  12. I just ordered FBN because of Dave Ramsey
    but whin I truned it on I found out that Dave is no longer with FBN. I am very disapponted in FBN, so I most likely will not be Watching.
    I do hpoe and pray you breen hem back to FBN????????????

  13. I too subscribed to the Fox Business Network just for the Dave Ramsey Show. I turned the tv on last night & found they have replaced him with some lame show called Money Rocks. After about 10 minutes of that rambling, I tuned out. If they don’t bring Dave Ramsey back, which is needed in these trying economic times, I’m cancelling Fox. Fine move FBN…NOT!!!

  14. Are you kidding me? Dave Ramsey attracted people to FBN. I knew nothing about the station until I looked for him on it. No more FBN for us.

  15. Well Dave Ramsey was the only reason I watched FBN. Thank Goodness you can still listen to his radio show on Siruis/XM or on many other radio stations. Oh yeah and on his websight.

  16. I’m not happy that they took Dave Ramsey off the air. This guy Bolling is okay as a guest on Cashin’ In and Bulls & Bears but doesn’t have the chops for his own show. Dave Ramsey preached financial sanity, … and that is something in short supply on financial channels. I hope that they realize the error in their ways and bring him back.
    As far as Cavuto, he is simply the best at what he does. He is both entertaining and informative, and seems like a helluva nice, family guy.

  17. The credit card companies must have paid the station a hefty amount for this move!!

  18. We are thinking of getting a cheaper TV package, now that FBN has axed Dave.

  19. looks like dave ramsey got his hick radio listeners to post here. he is boooring as hell. glad hes gone!

  20. Well as far as I’m concerned that’s little reason left to watch fox business with Dave Ramsey no longer there. I like Stossel but probably won’t be watching Fox Business any more. I’ll just watch the history channel more and Maybe Pawn Stars.

  21. way too go fox business sucks!!!

  22. I just cancelled Fox Business Network(and the added service it took to get FBN). Had they not cancelled Dave Ramsey, I would not have cancelled Fox Business Channel.

  23. No Dave Ramsey, no FBN. Dave was the only reason we watched. Now we can drop it.

  24. Of course, one of the few things worth watching that truly helps the average Joe, and they bump it…. thought Fox was different than CNN…. Guess not.

  25. I agree with Keith. I had never even heard of Fox Business until I learned that Dave was going to be on it. Only then did I seek out and pay for the channel. Absolutely no reason to watch FBN anymore. Very poor judgment, Fox. Goodbye.

  26. I agree. I too had never heard of FBN until I learned that Dave would be on it. Only then, did I seek out the channel and upgrade my service. Very poor judgement on Fox’s part. Goodbye FBN. Sorry cityboy. Looks like you’re all alone in your opinion on this one.


  28. Can’t believe you took this show off the air.. this show is what America needs. I seriously can not believe it. I hardly watch TV and when I do it’s to turn on Fox Business to see if Dave Ramsey is on. I guess i’ll have to jump on the CNBC band wagon to watch market performance since you canceled the BEST and MOST NEEDED show

  29. Really sorry that Fox Business cancelled Dave Ramsey – he has solid advice to survive in today’s world – hope you will reconsider.

  30. The only reason we watched the network was for Dave Ramsey. A very very stupid move on FBN’s part. Dave is the only reason we watched FBN and he is the reason that we will no longer watch FBN. He was the only one with sound advice. The rest of them are all full of hot air. Too bad Fox…thought you had it going.

  31. I had been on vacation for two weeks and left my DVR set to tape the Dave Ramsey show. I had no idea that it have been taken off. Unbelievable, I know it isn’t true that people didnt watch. As an African American person I swore off Fox before I ran across the Dave Ramsey show. This I watched daily. Well it’s been confirmed FOX is the devil. I’m done with you.

  32. The ONLY reason to stop the channel flipping to FBN was to watch Dave Ramsey. Stupid move by Fox. Won’t be watching it any more.

  33. I am totally disgusted with Dave being taken off the air for some “slicky boy ‘hey here’s a cute, meaningless $$ story’ x-trader.” Dave did some good for people who needed his advice!! Obviously, all Fox cares about is someone doing better for their bottom line! Fox, I may no longer be able to afford you…from an ethical standpoint!

  34. FBN has made a terrible mistake in removing Dave Ramsey. He provides real advice for real people–especially in this economy. Thanks to Dave’s advice, my husband and I are debt free and fully funding our retirement. We paid cash for a Disney vacation this year. FBN…please reconsider and bring him back, or you have lost another viewer.

  35. I watched DR on FBN for about a year. I thought his advise was very well grounded and I have become “debt free” during this time. The only problem is after listening and watching that long- “I get it”. DR’s advise while very good is also predictable. I just hope others out there will discover DR and avail themselves to his wisdom via other media.

  36. What! No Dave Ramsey! I started watching FBN because of DR. No reason to watch now. You have lost another customer. Hope this hurts Fox’s ratings enough to have DR back.

  37. Boring, yes. But that’s what I like and am comfortable with, especially since I am a non-market timing index investor with Vanguard. Airing traders to give us vague, speculative, and hyperbolic financial porn is otherwise nonsense.

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  39. Dave Ramsey was the best …. bring him back please.

  40. No way I’ll watch his replacement. Dave is the best.

  41. Dave filled a niche the other programs don’t meet. Not a good move. Dave’s a class act.

  42. Dave Ramsey was the best guy in media of any kind anywhere, what he said was 100% accurate surefire info on how to participate in the genuine American Dream that our forefathers walked in.
    He was the bona fide, genuine, real deal,
    straight as an arrow man who told it like it is and showed you how to do what he has done. No other finance guru comes close to him, he was an awesome alll round great influence on the TV media.
    Fox, you blew it badly this time FBN is nothing without him.

  43. With a guy like Dave Ramsey who tells people to stop spending money they don’t have, it’s no wonder that they canceled him. It’s probably difficult to sell air time to companies who want to hawk products. Nothing against Dave, his advice is usually top notch.

  44. just upgraded cable so i could catch dave ramsey, only to discover fox business has cancelled him… dang!

  45. Dave’s advice helped us get out of debt. Now I check the FBN stock ticker and go back to MSNBC

  46. Dave Ramsay was the only reason I never joined in liberal mantras to boycott/ban Fox. Absolutely no reason to every tune in now. Like others, I never even heard of FBN before Dave Ramsay.

  47. You guys had a real winner in Dave Ramsey. Poor decision.

  48. I just got fbn for free for three months and when I found out Dave Ramsey won’t be on there, it made me sure that I didn’t need to pay for that channel when the free promotion expires.
    I will listen online at 8pm or around that time instead I guess to get my fix. I’m sure this will work out fine for Dave Ramsey.

  49. Dave and Suze contributed to the recession with their constant don’t buy anything attitudes. Cavuto is the best of Fox.

  50. I love the expression. Everyone needs to express there own opinion and feel free to hear others. Keep it up 🙂

  51. Debbie – I pray for you and your thoughts about money – hopefully one day you will realize that being out of debt and building wealth gives you the freedom to buy whatever you want – as long as you have the money to pay for it, which in turns improves the economy – that is what Dave especially teaches every day on his radio show – He is a blessing to millions – I wish you prosperity and Financial Peace!!!

  52. Very disappointed that Dave Ramsey is not on FBN any more. The thing I liked about him is you don’t have to buy anything from him to get your “how do I get out of debt” answers because he tells people everyday on his radio show how to follow the simple plan. Huge mistake for FBN. I will not be keeping my upgrade on DTV just so I could watch him.

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