Here’s One Former Child Star Who’s Proud of His Past

Jun 21, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Meet one former child actor who’s proud of his famous television alter-ego: Jaleel White, perhaps better known as Urkel, the geeky kid on the ABC comedy "Family Matters," reports Greg Braxton in the Los Angeles Times

Unlike the late Gary Coleman, who felt resentment about how his childhood fame affected his life, White says "Family Matters" was "one of the greatest things that ever happened to me." White, 33, adds that he was given support by his mother, family and friends.

One point of friction was the reaction of some of the series’ stars when Urkel, who was initially an occasional character, became more front-and-center after White created his character’s trademark squeaky, somewhat robotic voice and odd mannerisms, the article says.

"There was some jealousy. Not with the kids on the show, though. We worked through all our issues and we were all cool," White said.

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