Kimmel Innovates When Power Goes Out

Jun 22, 2010  •  Post A Comment

When the power went out, Jimmy Kimmel didn’t shut down production on his ABC talk show. Via Twitter, Kimmel wrote that when the power was down, the entire show had to be filmed on his MacBook. The program will air Wednesday night.



  1. Craig Ferguson did a show by flashlight when his power went out – first and funnier! (Think Kimmel could have been a product placement deal?)

  2. I agree with Lisa. Craig did it first and I don’t need to see Kimmel’s show to know that Ferguson’s was funnier.
    Why is it that people are on the Kimmel bandwagon all of a sudden? Was it because he showed Jay up at a time that everyone wanted to do that to Jay themselves?
    Next thing you know.. Kimmel will have a robot skeleton sidekick and everyone will think it’s so innovative.

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