Lindsay Lohan Posts Bail After Arrest Warrant Issued; Her Alcohol-Monitoring Device Went Off After Lohan Attended the MTV Movie Awards

Jun 9, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Lindsay Lohan has posted $200,000 bail after a warrant was issued for her arrest, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Lohan has been wearing a court-ordered alchohol monitoring device. The report, quoting unnamed sources, says that "the alcohol-monitoring device on Lohan’s ankle sent a report indicating the presence of alcohol late Sunday or early Monday after the MTV Movie Awards. Lohan attended the awards and an after-party, wearing pants to cover the device."

The warrant to arrest Lohan was issued by Beverly Hills Judge Marsha Revel, who is the judge who ordered Lohan, 23, to wear the alcohol monitoring device in the first place.

According to the Times’ report, "To avoid being detained, Lohan posted $200,000 bail. Revel did not provide any specifics other than to say Lohan violated a court order not to consume alcohol and to wear an alcohol-detection device."

The device’s real name actually a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor, or SCRAM.

Lohan herself Twittered her innocence, the report said: ""My SCRAM wasn’t set off — It’s physically impossible considering I’ve (done) nothing for it to go off. All of these false (reports) are absolutely wrong."

Lawyers for Lohan and prosecutors are expected to meet with Judge Revel today, June 9, 2010.



  1. Lindsey, we like your honesty. Be our spokesperson. -British Petroleum

  2. My gosh girl are you ever going to learn. you hate your father so bad but you are exactly like him. Hello!!!!

  3. I am so sick of seeing you on magazines when you dont even deserve to be in it for any reason. If you are its only for BS. Get it together, remember you are a great actress.

  4. Lindsey why the HE$# would you want to F*#! Up like you are, I think your STUPID, You have it made. Why don’t you just go and get HELP an stay CLEAN!!!! It’s not that HARD when you have the kind of MONEY you have!! UNLESS you DRANK and DRUGED it up!! MORE THAN LIKELY THATS WHAT HAPPENED!!!! Do you know that when your DRUNK and HIGH it make’s you UGLY AS F*#!.
    PLEASE just CLEAN yourself UP!!!! If you do that then everyone will FORGET about this SH*#!!!! Im sure people will give you another CHANCE TO BE A STAR LIKE YOU USED TO BE!!!!!

  5. If she would just CLEAN herself up then im sure people would give her another CHANCE!!! I think people MIGHT EVEN FORGET about all this CRAZY A*# SH*#.
    Have A WONDERFUL Day,

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