On the Eve of E3, Microsoft Spends Millions, Enlists Cirque du Soleil to Introduce Kinect for X-Box, Its Verson of a Having a User’s Body Movements Translate Into a Game’s Controller

Jun 14, 2010  •  Post A Comment

E3, the big trade show for the electronic gaming industry starts tomorrow (Tuesday, June 15) in Los Angeles, but Microsoft got a jump on the festivities on Sunday night with a multi-million dollar event featuring Cirque du Soliel introducing Kinect, according to Wired.com.

Previously dubbed Project Natal, Kinect, according to the article, is "the camera-based controller that will bring motion and voice control to Microsoft’s game platform," the X-Box 360.

It uses full body control, including voice and facial feature recognition.

According to the article, "The Cirque performers mixed game footage in with their performance, showing a variety of games that we weren’t told the names of. Several games clearly aped Nintendo’s Wii, from bowling to Olympic sports to a game where you cuddle up to exotic animals (“Nintentigers,” Gus wrote in his notebook). LucasArts will bring a Star Wars game to Kinect, letting you swing a lightsaber just by moving your arms. And the Rock Band maestros at Harmonix are crafting a hip-hop dance game.The game demonstrations, clearly pretaped and highly edited to blend seamlessly with the performance, showed us almost nothing about how Kinect will actually feel. The point was not to deliver information — it was to wow the audience with spectacle."

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