One Judge Says They Plan To Be Tougher on ‘Idol’ Next Season

Jun 10, 2010  •  Post A Comment

After hearing criticism that she was too much of a softy on her first stint of Fox’s "American Idol," Ellen DeGeneres plans to be much harder on the contestants next season, according to USA Today.

DeGeneres said, "I think next year my role will be to be exactly who I am, sometimes funny and sometimes serious, and I think I’ll probably learn to be a little harder on people without being rude."

DeGeneres added that Simon Cowell’s input has dominated the show and with him gone next year, there will be a new dynamic on "Idol."


  1. And I thought Ellen was attempting to make up for the loss of Paula! I don’t think being harder on contestants will make ’em any better. If they have talent they have talent, then what they need is help to get past their nerves, like getting Angry, Passionate and FOCUSED when it’s their turn. I say Ellen does best being a softy when called for and ENCOURAGING otherwise. EE for Ellen the Encouraging One!

  2. What they need is only three judges. The show hasn’t been right since they went to four. There really aren’t four positions available and the judges are screwing up the contestants trying to create a fourth criticism position.

  3. Ellen is the weakest link….she should not be back…she has to go.

  4. WRONG!!!! Kara is by far the weakest link!
    She knows nothing about talent or vocal ability, and is strictly a songwriter (and her ability at even that is questionable!!)
    A perfect example was her constant support for the extremely weak singing of Lee Dewyze!

  5. Odd… I just found your blog by searching for ‘financial spreadbetting’ on Yahoo. But I don’t see any articles about that subject on here?

  6. Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental.

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