Talk about Nepotism: Kathie Lee Gifford’s Son, 20-Year-Old Cody, Gets Unpaid ‘Today’ Summer Internship — Reviewing Movies On Air

Jun 22, 2010  •  Post A Comment

It may be the best unpaid summer internship ever found through nepotism, and it’s going to Kathie Lee Gifford’s son, Cody, reports the New York Post

The 20-year-old has secured a summer job reviewing movies on-air during the "Today" show’s fourth hour, which happens to the 10 a.m. segment co-hosted by his mother.

"I love nepotism," exclaimed Kathie Lee Gifford, before she introduced Cody on the program, the article says. "Is he getting an opportunity here? Yeah, but so be it. We like him and he’s a smart kid and a good kid," said "Today" show executive producer Jim Bell.

Cody Gifford, who is studying film at University of Southern California, said his age helps him with his reviews, the report adds. "As you get older you get a little out of touch with contemporary films — maybe not out of touch, you can be knowledgeable, but it’s not your generation anymore," he says.


  1. Good for Kathie Lee. What’s wrong with
    nepotism? We need to help our young in
    this tough world. I wish him and her all the best and only wish I could help my sons.
    Own a country restaurant on the Enumclaw plateau in Washington state. Trying to save the 100 year old place. If you are ever in the area come see us at Krain Corner Inn. Good luck to Cody.

  2. Karen Hatch: Thank you for that self-serving commercial message. Clearly, you and Kathy Lee Lookatme are soul sisters. The question is, how does a woefully untalented laughing-stock like Cody’s mommy manage to keep getting paid to be in front of cameras in the first place. Oh, yeah, I forgot.She married into it and then became, “Poor Kathy.” Jeez, don’t you get it, NBC? Nobody laughs with her, we all laugh AT her.

  3. Sorry, RenoMike. You couldn’t be more wrong. Kathie was on network television long before she married Frank Gifford. The combo of Regis & Kathie Lee did great and now the combo of Kathie and Hoda is doing great. The ratings are up over 11%. You couldn’t make it in show business as long as Kathie has without having talent. Oh, and I guess you would never want to help out your child, either. What difference does it make if they work in an office or a tv studio??? You just sound very jealous!

  4. Wasn’t it talking about her kid in the first place that made everyone despise her on Regis? Great, now lets talk about him and have him appear on the today show.
    The woman will never learn…this will just cause audiences to hate her even more.
    Yes, we can’t forget taht Kathie Lee was the “la la girl” on name that tune. Tina – spell this one U R N IDIOT.

  5. Cool internship, stinks that it’s unpaid, but amazing story. Geez.

  6. Kathy Lee’s real flaw is getting up and bragging about it. If she would have shut up and If he would have just showed up to work, it would not have been such a big deal. It goes on all the time in TV. How many sportscasters are named Albert?

  7. Is there a spot for my talented son too?

  8. From the time KL gave birth to the kid when she was with Regis, there was never any doubt in my mind that she wanted him in the business. No surprise here.

  9. thanks for any article yah.

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