Users Discover Additional Problems With New iPhone

Jun 29, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The new iPhone 4 from Apple, already under fire for glitches involving its antenna and screen, now has additional problems, MercuryNews reports.

The device has problems with its camera system that can undermine the video chat program–one of the most highly touted features of the new phone–according to the report.

iPhone 4 owners started reporting problems with the phone’s camera system Wednesday, the day some users who had pre-ordered the device received it in the mail. On discussion boards on Apple’s Web site and in comments on various blogs, users have complained that the phone’s camera application locks up soon after launch, leaving them unable to take a picture.

The article says some users have been able to use the camera after rebooting the phone, although others have reported having the same issue even after multiple resets.


  1. Let’s get the facts straight: The 3G antenna problem affects virtually every smart phone, to one degree or another. It’s not unique to Apple. See dozens of YouTube videos (going back a year or more) that talk about the same thing.
    The camera issue, on the other hand, sounds like a software glitch…

  2. I’ve been taking photos with my iPhone 4 all day with NO issues.
    It’s always amazing how a problem a few people experience so rapidly becomes a “design flaw.”

  3. Almost like when no one wants to admit that the vast majority of Toyota cars currently on the road are NOT having problems. There’s no story there. No one has the balls to tell the idiots reporting problems to take their foot off the accelerator, (which they believe to be the brake,) and turn their cars off.

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